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KJ Engineering offer full car servicing in worthing

Car Servicing in Worthing, West Sussex

With school breaks fast approaching, you’re probably already planning those days out with the kids. For most, those days involve driving an hour or three to the local beach, theme park, or just somewhere the kids can explore. The last thing you need is sitting for an hour on the hard shoulder, waiting for your motor assist to arrive. Make sure your car is up to it.

Don’t be lulled into false security:

While modern cars are far more reliable than 30 years ago, they have a nasty habit of luring people into a false sense of security. All those dashboard warning lights which not only tell you a door is open, or a bulb has blown; but that your coolant levels are low, or your oil is below minimum. Fixing it when the warning light glows, is often too late, the lamp frequently signalling the prelude to a much larger, more costly problem. Regular car servicing can avoid these problems, and highlight further potential problems which can be averted with timely replacement of a wearing part.

Basic car service:

New cars, normally up to three years old, have to have car servicing carried out by a main dealer to ensure the guarantee. However, once out of warranty, getting your car service from a good independent garage can often be a third or more, less expensive than a main agent.

The basic service, usually 6,000 miles, will cover the changing of oil and filters, checking fluid levels for coolant and brakes, and checking the cam belt tension and wear. Checking engine, clutch and gearbox operation, brake pad wear, and visually checking of hoses and hydraulic lines.

One of the big pluses for using KJ Engineering is we will point out any oil, coolant, or fluid leaks we find, and give you the option of having it remedied before further problems arise.

Intermediate and Major servicing:

The intermediate, or 12,000 mile service covers, as you would expect, all the above, plus a much greater number of items. A major, 24,000 miles, or two years service, again covers all the above. The changing of all hydraulic fluids, and cooling and anti-freeze liquids, plugs (petrol cars), inline fuel filters if fitted, and checking efficient operation of doors, boot, locks and mirrors are also included.

Recouping the cost

Regular servicing at KJ Engineering, Worthing, will minimise your chance of a roadside breakdown when out. You can also recoup a lot of your servicing outlay. When you sell a car with a full service history, complete with bills for any repairs carried out, you can ask a decent price for the vehicle.

car servicing in worthing