Worthing car diagnostics

KJ Engineering undertakes the diagnostics of vehicles, reading the vehicles ECU (engine control units) Generated DTC )(Diagnostic trouble codes)error Codes.

We can identify problems with the following:

  • Running Faults
  • High Emissions
  • Airbag System Issues ABS diagnostics
  • Car Lacking Power
  • General Electrical Faults
  • Braking System Faults
  • Air Conditioning Malfunctions
  • Dashboard Warning Lights
  • Engine Management Light
  • Mass or Volume Air flow Circuit
  • Powertrain faults
  • Chassis Fault Codes (ABS & TCS Systems)
  • Body Fault Codes (Air Con & Comfort Systems)
  • Instrument Cluster Faults
  • Transmission Faults
  • Plus so much more…

What does car diagnostics mean?

Almost all new cars have computers built in to the engine which monitor or control functions such as emission levels and engine temperatures. When parts of the engine go wrong, these computers produce error codes which can only be read with advanced vehicle diagnostics equipment. There are often notification lights on your dashboard which just give an indication, for a more detailed overview, equipment is required.

KJ Engineering’s diagnostic equipment can pick up these errors and identify what they mean. Engine and part failures can be prevented before they end up costing much more!

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Where can I get engine diagnostic tests for my car?

KJ Engineering can carry out the complete diagnostic check on your car, you do not need to visit your dealership and pay high prices.

Are there any hidden costs?

We will provide you with a fixed cost for your vehicle when you call us and this will include the full diagnosis report. Once the report is completed we can then provide a quote to fix any issues which have been highlighted. Naturally if the diagnostic test is required on site, a call out fee will be charged.

Rest assured, your vehicle is in safe hands…

  • Ken is a specialist engineer and will provide an efficient service for you and your vehicle.
  • Expert machinery supplying you with an accurate diagnostic to get your vehicle up and running swiftly.
  • Succeeding in preventing anymore engine or part failures in your vehicle.
  • We aim to minimise costs for you.

car diagnostics in worthing sussex